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How to Remove GREEN SCREEN [Chroma Key] Using Filmora X [2021] | YT360

Remove Green Screen in Filmora X

how to remove greenscreen in filmora
Filmora X Remove Green Screen

Hey Creators,

    Want to know “how to remove chroma key in greenscreen video on filmora X?” Here in this post we will see how you can easily and accurately remove the green screen with filmora X.

First you need to install filmora X software on your pc or laptop. If you did not do so, click on the link below to install. If you install and export this software, the video will have a watermark called filmora. If you want to remove it you have to buy this software.

There are 3 ways to remove Green screen on filmora X. We will see each of them in order.

How to Remove GREEN SCREEN in Filmora X

Open Filmora:

First you need to click on filmora X software and open it.

Open Project:

On the front page, click on the New Project option and open a new project file.

Import Media:

how to remove greenscreen in filmora
Filmora Home Page

Now click on the import media option as above and you will have a green screen video ready to import into your filmora files folder.

Select Media:

how to remove greenscreen in filmora
Filmora Green Screen Remove

Next, drag the video you want to remove the green screen to the timeline below.

Select Green Screen Option:

Now you can open the green screen option or tab in 3 ways.

1. First open the green screen tab with the shortcut key –Ctrl + Shift + G.

2. If you right-click on the video in the timeline, a menu will open, in which you have to select the green screen option.

how to remove greenscreen in filmora
Filmora Chroma Key Remove

3. Next, click on the Green screen Icon in the icon bar above the timeline as shown in the image above.

Adjust Green Screen Options:

how to remove greenscreen in filmora
Filmora Green Screen Tutorials 

1. Colour Picker: If that automatic removal is not right for you, With the first color picker tool in this box you need to remove the color you want.

2. Offset Settings: If the green screen is not removed properly due to the lighting, you can adjust the 2nd option of this offset.

3. Tolerance Settings: Next in your green screen video, you are given the next option to adjust the tolerance.

4. Edge Thickness: Next remove the green screen and with this option you can know the edge thickness of the parts.

5. Edge Feather: Next you can select the size of the edge thickness feather made above.

Select Background:

how to remove greenscreen in filmora
Filmora Editing Tricks

If you want to set the background for the removed background video, place the required background image for that video in the timeline layer below the green screen video as shown above.

Click OK and Save or Export:

how to remove greenscreen in filmora
Filmora Export Button

Once you have the perfect green screen you need, you can export your video as a video by clicking the ‘Export’ button above, or you can save your project. You can export it when you need it.


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