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How to Setup YouTube UPLOAD DEFAULT Full Settings


YouTube Upload Default

What is Upload Default?

YouTube upload default setting will make your job much simpler when uploading video. By making this default setting you can pre-set all the settings that you will see below while uploading. 

 This means that you can always make changes to your setting before uploading in general. This is called YouTube upload default. We will see very clearly in this post how to do it.

Benefits of YouTube Upload Default:

  • The working time of uploading your video will be reduced.
  • This upload default setting can prevent forgetfulness when uploading a video.
  • There is no need to change the description box once.
  • If it is a video channel in the same category, fixed can have the same description.

How to Open YouTube Upload Default:

 Next, we will see clearly how to set this YouTube upload default setting and where to go.

Open Google Chrome :

Google Chrome

 First, open the google chrome web browser. If you do not have a Google Chrome web browser, click on the link below to download and install it. Open the google website.

Download Google Chrome Web Browser

Open YouTube Studio:

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio URL

 Open the studio of your YouTube channel by clicking on the YouTube studio link above. If you have not yet created a channel, you can learn how to create a YouTube channel by clicking the link below.

From its source, you can create a youtube channel and then do the above setting.

How to Create YouTube Channel

Open Settings:

YouTube Studio Settings

 Once your YouTube studio is open click on the Settings option in the left side menu as shown in the image above.

Find Upload Default Setting:

Upload Defaults Settings

 Now a box will appear as shown in the image above. In it, click on the 3rd tab called ‘Upload default’. Here you can see all the settings that you are going to upload by default. Here you can see in detail how to set it up.

What You Can Do From the YouTube Upload Default?

YouTube Upload Defaults

 First of all, if your channel is monetized then you have 3 tabs. If your channel is non-monetized then there are only 2 tabs as shown in the picture above. I have given below our YouTube channel video to know about what is monetization. 

 At the end of this post, I will tell you about how to set the default upload for the monetization channel and you can know it by reading it. Let us first see how to set the default upload for a non-monetized channel. 

 Now Basic Info Tab, Advanced Setting Tab will appear before you as shown in the image above. In these 2 tabs, we will see what settings you can make.

Basic Info

 Now let’s look at the basic info tab as shown in the picture above. In this tab, you can set 4 information as default. They are

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Visibility
  4. Tags

We will see the explanation of these four.


YouTube Upload Defaults

 The title is the most important thing for a video. The video view will depend on the title you set for a video. You will always pray for the rest of that topic. But this YouTube upload default setting reduces that work for you. 

 That means you can always set a title permanently. As you can see in the box above the title you set whenever you upload a video, the title will now be permanent where you set it. If not here’s a new product just for you! 

 This title upload default setting can help you from forgetting that word while uploading the video.


 Next description, in which the title can be set as permanent as well as the description can be set. Sometimes we have to paste the link of the music in the description box to give credit to the music we use in the video. 

 Failure to do so may result in a copyright or community guidelines problem. To avoid this you can always paste that link in this upload default. 

 Similarly, if you want to give any social media account link, you can paste it into this description default box. This way you can save time without wasting your time typing it once.


YouTube Upload Defaults

 Next visibility, in which you can get the following 3 options,

  1. Public
  2. Private
  3. Unlisted

 Below you will find information about these 3 options and how you can set them up.


 This is an option that you need to set if you want everyone to watch the video you are going to upload. This should also be set once for the video upload public. If you have always been a public uploader, set this public option. It is always set to default or Public.


 Next is private, in which case you can upload a video and if you do not want to publish it you can put it in the private option to not publish. As well as only you who uploaded that video can watch it. 

Anyone else can watch this on YouTube. Next time you want to publish the video then you can publish the video by selecting the above option to make the private video public.


 Next Unlisted, which is slightly different from private, the unlisted video channel will not appear on the dashboard, and viewers will not be notified when this video is published. 

 But anyone who has the URL of this video can watch this video. Similarly, you can use this video only for necessary places like websites or membership intro. This will make this unlisted video useful to you.

 Not only that, if you set up this unlisted video, publishing it after the ads suitability test for monetization will bring you more revenue. Again unlisted video can be converted to public video.

 You can set any of these 3 Set the default visibility is what we use the most.


YouTube Upload Defaults

 Tags are very important for a video, you set them so that YouTube SEO will add your video to more viewers. As well as adding that video to the right-looking people. 
If you always use the same tags, type all the tags that are appropriate for the channel in these tags defaults settings. This is usually done by default for all videos.

Advanced Settings

YouTube Upload Defaults

 Next advanced setting in which we are going to do the same as you did by default in the basic info above. How to do this We will see below clearly what options are given to you in this advanced setting.

Automatic Chapters

 First of all automatic chapters, chapters are to divide a video into several chapters like a book.

 For example, look at the picture above, a video on that page is split into several videos. This will allow viewers to see where we are talking about the topic in the video. Watch the video below to know how to set this manually. 

 By clicking on this option YouTube will automatically split the chapters with the verses you have spoken in the video. Thus, if you want to separate chapters automatically, you can always set this option to default.

License Type

YouTube Upload Defaults

 Here you can choose which license type the video you are going to upload should be. They have given 2 license types.

  1. Standard YouTube License
  2. Creative Commons – Attribution

 We will see clearly about these 2 license types.

Standard YouTube License

 Standard YouTube license means your video can only be used by you. Similarly, if someone else uses the video you uploaded, you can give it a copyright strike. This standard YouTube license is a common license type that YouTube gives to everyone.

Creative Commons – Attribution

 This creative commons attribution license indicates that the video you upload can be used by anyone on their video. Click on the link above for more information on this.

 The 2 license-type galleys you see above can be set to default to whatever suits you.


YouTube Upload Defaults

 Next category, you can click on this options Film & Animation, Autos & Vehicles, Music, Pets & Animals, Sports, Travel & Events, Gaming, People & Blogs, Comedy, Entertainment, News & Politics, How-to & Style, Education, Science & Technology, Nonprofits & Activism You can find these options. 

 In this, you can set by default which type and category your channel belongs to. Check which channel your channel is on. For example, if you want to play a game and post it as a video, you can select gaming and do it by default.

Language and Captions Certification

YouTube Upload Defaults

 Next is Language and Captions Certification, in which you can set your language and caption. They have given 3 parts in this. Let us see how to select this and set the default.

Video Language

 In this language setting, select which language you are uploading the video to. If your language is not in this language list, you can set the first option not available by default. Only if you choose the right language will your video go to the right place and you will get views.

Caption Certification

YouTube Upload Defaults

 Next caption, in which you can get 4 captions. Choose which caption is right for you. These options only apply to you if you are a US representative. Similarly, this only applies if you post a video in English. If you do not want to set this, you can also select the None option.

Title and Description Language

YouTube Upload Defaults

 You will be typing in English in the title and description box. But here you can choose which language you want to translate and build for your views. If you want to choose a language other than English, select the language of your choice in this option.

Comment Visibility

YouTube Upload Defaults

 Next comments, in which you will be given 4 options.

  • Allow all comments
  • Hold potentially inappropriate comments for review
  • Hold all comments for review
  • Disable comments

 If you want to know about these 4 options click on the link below.

How to Turn off or ON YouTube comments?

 In this post, I have said very clearly and descriptively about these 4 options.


 Here you can find out if you can build a rating viewers view for your YouTube channel. If you want to turn this off, untick it


YouTube Upload Defaults

 Next, you will see how to set default upload for a channel that is not monetization ON. If you have done a job monetization, you will have a tab monetization for the 3rd time. When you click on it, the option will appear as shown below. Let’s see clearly how to set it up.

Types of Ads

 You will be given 5 types of ads. Make sure all the ads setting is on your tick as shown in the picture above. This will give you more revenue.

Location of Video Ads

 The next location of ads indicates where you want your ads to match. You can also tick it. This will also increase your revenue.


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