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How to Create YouTube Shorts On Android Mobile – Full Guide


How to Create YouTube Shorts?
How To Create YouTube Shorts

How to post YouTube shorts? This post is going to explain to you how to become popular by posting YouTube shorts too.

How to Create YouTube Shorts?

You can create 2 types of YouTube shorts. They are,
1. PC or Laptop
2. Mobile
1. Read this post to know “how to upload your shorts on a PC or Laptop?”. You can learn about uploading PC YouTube shorts by clicking on the above post.
2. Let’s see “how to create YouTube Shorts on mobile and upload YouTube shorts”.

YouTube Shorts Rules:

How to Create YouTube Shorts?
YouTube Shorts Rules

1. YouTube shorts should be between 15 seconds and 60 seconds.

2. Must be a vertical video of 9:16 or 1080×1920.
3. When writing the title, write “#shorts“.
4. Video over 60 seconds is considered normal video only. will not be considered as shorts.

5. Your YouTube Shorts video must follow the YouTube Community Guidelines.
6. Your YouTube shorts video also has Copyright Rules. So copyright rules must be followed.

How to Create YouTube Shorts Using Android Mobile?:

Open YouTube:

First, you open the youtube app.

Create Shorts:

How to Create YouTube Shorts?
YouTube Create A Short

Click on the “+” button as shown in the picture above and then click on the “Create shorts” option.

Edit Shorts:

How to Create YouTube Shorts?
YouTube Shorts Tools

Next, the page will appear for the shorts to be recorded. It has a lot of tools to edit your shorts video, we will see them one by one.

Video Lenth:

First, you need to decide the length of your video. YouTube Shorts must be within a minimum of 15 minutes or a maximum of 60 seconds. In this tab, you can choose whether your video should be 15 sec or 60 sec as shown in the image above.

Video Speed:

Next, you can choose your video speed. Video speed can be reduced up to a maximum of 2X and a minimum of 0.5X.

Flip Camera:

By clicking on this flip option you can select your rear camera or front camera and record shorts.

Add Media:

How to Create YouTube Shorts?
YouTube Shorts Record Button

You can upload a video that you have recorded on your mobile as shorts by clicking on the Gallery option below.

Undo & Redo:

If there is something wrong with the video you recorded you can undo it and go to the front section. As well as doing a redo by mistake and can get it back.

Check Box:

When the shorts video is complete, you can go to the next page to edit the shorts by giving this tick (check) option below.

Add Music:

How to Create YouTube Shorts?
YouTube Short Add Music Button

In the YouTube shorts video, we will talk about adding the music you need and what are the conditions for it.

Shorts Music Shelf:

With the YouTube short music tool, you can add movie songs and much popular music. It will have everything you expected. But there is a problem with that. Read the YouTube shorts music rules below to know about it.

YouTube Shorts Music Rules:

1. If you use the music shorts given in the YouTube shorts music tool in the video, the video will not get revenue.
2. Copyrights rules apply to YouTube music. Copyright will be granted if you use copyright music.
3. If you want revenue for your shorts, you should only use YouTube audio library music.
4. music taken from shorts music shelf can only be used for 15 sec. So you can select that music and create only a 15-sec video.

Select Music:

How to Create YouTube Shorts?
YouTube Short Change Music Option

You can add music by clicking the “Add Music” button. But if you use that music you will not get any revenue.

Change Music:

If you do not like the music after selecting music you can change the music with the change music option.

Delete Music:

If you do not need short music you can delete it by giving delete music.

Record Shorts:

How to Create YouTube Shorts?
YouTube Shorts Record Button

Next, we will see how to record your video.

Record Button:

You can record shorts by clicking on the red record button.
After clicking on the check box, you can see the icon and its applications.

How to Create YouTube Shorts?
YouTube Shorts Edit Tools

Edit Text:

With this option, you can add text. It can be edited.

Add Music:

With this option, you can add music to the recorded video. All the shorts music rules above apply to this as well.


You can adjust all your text music by clicking on this timeline.


You can add effects to your channel video with the filters option.

Upload Shorts:

Let’s see how to upload your shorts video ready public.

Title & Description:

Type the title and description required for your video. You can type “#shorts” if needed.

Video Details:

Next set the video thumbnail and, language, category, playlist etc.

Upload Shorts:

After setting all your video settings, select the Upload option.

Your YouTube Shorts Upload Successfully!!! 

Places Where Your YouTube Shorts Are Notified:

1. Your shorts will first appear in the shorts tab.
2. Subscribers who have subscribed to your channel will be notified in the notification bar.
3. shorts option for video will appear in your channel tab and below it, your shorts will appear.
4. Mobile will have a tab called shorts in which your shorts will appear.
5. Appear in the Subscription feed.

Shorts Making Using Others Video:

Plus you can use music from someone else’s YouTube video or shorts in your video. Let’s see how to do it.

1. Shorts Videos:

Look below for a shorts video, there will be a music icon. You can create shorts with that music by clicking on them.

2. Big videos:

How to Create YouTube Shorts?
YouTube Video Create Shorts Button

Open a YouTube video. It will have an icon like the one in the picture above. You can create shorts by clicking on them and selecting any part of the audio you want in that video.

Shorts Fund:

The YouTube shorts fund gives a bonus of $ 100 to $ 10000 for your shorts. Your shorts must be viral if you want to be eligible for this. YouTube does not state any other condition. Watch the video below to know the complete information about the shorts fund.

Shots Feed:

The YouTube app will have a feed called shorts. In it, you can watch random videos. We call that part of the video the shorts feed. The views that come in that shorts feed will not take count in your 4000 watch hours. Similarly, because there are no ads, there will be no revenue for the views.

Watch the video below to know more about YouTube shorts. Thank You !!!



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