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5 Best Editing Apps for YouTubers [Free] | YT360

Best Editing Apps 2021

free editing apps without watermark
Best Editing Apps

    “Are you looking for the best apps for video editing? In this post I have told you about the best apps for video editing on mobile for you. Not only that, in this post I have given the ‘playstore’ link to download those apps. With it you can easily download.

You will have to edit the video to post the video to social networking sites like YouTube, Instagram, tiktok. There are a lot of apps that need to know how to edit a video, but here are just a few of the best apps. Not only that but all these apps are an app used by everyone to do a lot of video editing.


free editing apps without watermark
Kinemaster Editor

    If there is one editing app that is commonly used by everyone it is the ‘kinemaster’ app only. It is also very easy to edit. Find out what you can do with this kinemaster app with the points below. Your video will have a watermark to download this app. If you want to remove it you need to buy Kinemaster Premium Version.

    With this kinemaster app, we can cut a video into two parts. As well as for trim two parts and create a new part. We can copy one part and convert it to another part. 

    Similarly, even if the video quality we take is low, we can convert our video to a Hollywood movie quality with the LUT’S provided in the Kinemaster app. Not only that but there are many features in the kinemaster app that we may not expect. Click on the link below to know about it.

Download – Kinemaster

Video Editor & Video Maker – InShot

free editing apps without watermark
Inshot video Editor

    This app is a great choice if you want to edit video for free. Additionally, you can export your video without watermark only if you see the ads in this app. Unlike kinemaster you do not have to buy. 

    The ‘Inshot‘ app is arguably the best editing app. we can edit in this ‘inshot app‘ equivalent to editing on the computer all the pc. This app gives us all the options to make our computer premiere pro, after effects, keyframing, animation, found only in software on mobile. 

    All of these options are rarely available to us on mobile for free. This app is not entirely free. We can export video without watermark only if we see the ad coming when we export in this app. Otherwise, we need to download the pro version of this ‘inshot app‘.

YouCut – Video Editor & Maker

free editing apps without watermark
YouCut Video Editor

    When you download this app, the special feature of this app is that it has no watermark and is completely free. Even in this YouCut Editor App you are given a lot of options to edit video, we will see about that below.
    With ‘YouCut Video Editor‘, we can edit videos for all kinds of social media sites. We can export edited videos in all resolutions like 16: 9, 1: 1, 9:16. This app is entirely free, except we will get some ads in between this app to edit the best videos with this video editor. Click the download button below for more information.

PowerDirector – Video Editor, Video Maker

free editing apps without watermark
PowerDirecor – Video Editor

    If you want to edit video for YouTube or any other social website then the first thing you should try is this PowerDirecor Video Editor App Aga. You can download this app by clicking on the link below. Now let’s see some highlights about this Powerdirector Video Editor app.

    PowerDirector is the power director, as the name implies. This app is a great video editor with all the options needed to edit an entire film. Those who decide not to kinemaster will choose this PowerDirector app. 

    This app has an excellent database, just like other apps. PowerDirector is one of the best apps for editing a video like fast forward, slow motion, transition, effects, animation.

FilmoraGo – Video Editor, Video Maker For YouTube

free editing apps without watermark

FilmoraGo Video Editor is one of the most downloaded video editor. This is an app developed with some features of filmora software. This app is very easy to edit for those who have used filmora app on computer. I have given the link key to download this app, please download it. Now we will see the features given in this app.

This app has a few complicated options when compared to other apps. Using computer filmora is much easier than using filmoraGo on mobile. This app is not free. This includes the watermark. If you want to remove it, you need to download the pro version of this app.

We hope you find these 5 editing apps very useful. Please comment if you want more information. Thank you !!!



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