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Every YouTubers Must Need 5 Important Apps

Must Need Important Apps For YouTube Creators 

Top 5 Apps for YouTubers
Top 5 Apps for YouTubers

    Are you a YouTuber?” “Do you need information about the most important and necessary apps for you?” Every YouTube creator should download the most important apps on their mobile. In this post, we are going to look at the information about the 5 most important apps in that order.

When we researched the pantry in the ‘Google play store, it came to light that Youtuber 5 most-used apps. They are,

1. YouTube Studio

2. VidIQ

3. PhotoRoom

4. Thumbnail Maker

5. Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder

YouTube Studio

Top 5 Apps for YouTubers
YouTube Studio App

This YouTube Studio app is an app officially announced by YouTube. With this app, you can do a few of the things you can do on the computer at the studio.youtube.com website. 

For example, turning off comments and writing channel discrimination can be done in this YouTube studio app. We will also see the highlights of this app.

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Top 5 Apps for YouTubers
VidIQ App

This ‘VidIQ’ is an app that is secretly used by big YouTubers. This App is very important for growing YouTubers. Because of this, you can see all the information like what to do to grow a channel, what is the status of your channel now. Below are some more highlights about this ‘VidIQ’.

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Thumbnail Maker & Channel Art Maker

Top 5 Apps for YouTubers
Thumbnail Maker – App

One of the most important reasons for a YouTube channel video to get more views and money is the video thumbnail. The thumbnail in a video can be said to be the lifeblood of that video. This thumbnail maker is a great app for that. Here we will see some about this app.

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Smart Recorder – High-quality voice recorder

Top 5 Apps for YouTubers
Smart Recorder – App

Your video quality depends on the audio in the video. If the audio in your video is not good then it will spoil the video quality. This may irritate anyone who watches the video. You can use this voice recorder app to fix this. Below are some of the highlights of this app.

PhotoRoom – Background Remover & Photo Editor

Top 5 Apps for YouTubers
PhotoRoom – App

This app is very useful for photo editing. You may need to remove the background for some images to thumbnail your video. 

You remove.bg to do that, and there are some websites. But it is doubtful if they all remove it perfectly. But when you remove the background in ‘PhotoRoom’, it will give you a perfect removal without it. We will see what you can do with this App.

Please comment if all the above apps are useful for you. If you like what you need, please comment. We will post a clear post about it. 
Thank you.


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